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Colorado Springs, Colo. (March 3, 2020) – TrueSport®, a positive youth sports initiative powered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), today announced partnerships with top subject-matter experts who will support new TrueSport curriculum, articles, and videos. Drawing on clinical and research experience, the TrueSport Experts will offer practical and evidence-based take-aways to help coaches, parents, and other sports influencers talk with young athletes about Character Building & Life Skills, Clean & Healthy Performance, and Sportsmanship.

Within these content cornerstones of the TrueSport Program, the diverse experts will speak to specific topics like:

Mental health and body image
– Leadership and conflict resolution
– Mental toughness and character development
– Sport nutrition and supplement use

“USADA always looks for innovative ways to connect with the youth sport community and collaborating with these trusted experts will help us provide resources in support of building a foundation of life skills and values for young athletes to spark a change in the culture of youth sports,” said Dr. Jennifer Royer, TrueSport and Elite Education Director.

The TrueSport Expert Program will feature some of the country’s leading sport psychologists, researchers, sports nutrition and performance experts, and clinical doctors who, in addition to aligning with the TrueSport mission, also primarily focus their individual practices on creating a positive impact on the growth of young athletes.

Recently Added TrueSport Experts

  • Deborah Gilboa, MD: Resilience, Parenting, and Youth Development Expert
  • Kevin Chapman, PhD: Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Founder and Director of the Kentucky Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders
  • Kristen Ziesmer: MS, RD, CSSD, Owner of Elite Nutrition and Performance
  • Matt Fedoruk, PhD, U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s Chief Science Officer

“I’m honored to partner with TrueSport to make coaches and parents even more effective at raising young athletes of character in an age of self-doubt and a win-at-all-costs mentality. The resources and strategies we’re creating will enable generations of young athletes to grow their resilience and life skills by learning to use every experience – including stress and failure – as a path to success,” said Dr. Gilboa.

The TrueSport Experts will specifically contribute to the TrueSport Expert Series, a video series launched in 2019 that provides coaches, parents, officials, and administrators with practical guidance on how they can best support their athlete’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness, while also building a positive youth sport culture.

“As a former collegiate athlete and psychologist who works with athletes, teaching families the importance of regulating strong emotions and how to compete with integrity is paramount,” said Dr. Chapman. “Partnering with TrueSport and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency is truly an honor with our joint commitment in helping young athletes navigate the psychosocial challenges that come with competition. I am excited to share actionable strategies for both parents and athletes that will undoubtedly improve the health and wellness of the entire family.”

Beginning in March, youth sport influencers will be able to find articles from the TrueSport Experts at Learn.TrueSport.org and new TrueSport Expert Series videos at Truesport.org.

“It’s imperative to give young athletes the tools they need to succeed both on and off the court at an early age,” concludes Ziesmer. “We all know how difficult it is to try to change our behavior after years of doing the same thing. Learning the right way to replenish the body for sport and health is easier and healthier from the beginning, and that’s our goal as TrueSport Experts – to teach young athletes how to take care of their mental and physical health properly.”