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Upcoming events:


April 19th 8:30-9:30am



Location: St. Francis School (downtown campus)


Workshop: “Helping your adolescent with emotional regulation.”



July 31st: 5:00pm-7:30pm



Baptist Health Female Athlete Seminar (for athletes, parents, and coaches)


Workshop: “Mental Conditioning and becoming the  G.O.A.T”


More info here: Hi Dr. Chapman,


Below are some details about our Female Athlete Seminar.  Please feel free to ask additional questions, especially if I missed anything.


The Baptist Health Female Athlete Seminar is a Youth Seminar.  The majority of participants are school-aged female athletes accompanied by some coaches and parents.


Last year was the first year that it was located at our 16,000 square foot facility located at 12101 Sycamore Station Place.  This is also the location for this year’s event.  It is the facility that holds the physical therapy clinic where I currently treat and where our Baptist Health Performance Training is located.  https://www.baptisthealth.com/louisville/Pages/services/sports-medicine/performance-training.aspx



Sept 5th: 1:00-3:00pm



Christian Academy of Indiana Staff


Location ARGI Financial:


2110 High Wickham Pl

Louisville, KY  40245

United States


Workshop: “Emotional regulation in adults and adolescents”