Do you or your loved ones suffer from an intense fear of flying? Do you find it difficult to give a speech in front of others and have anxiety about public speaking? Does your intense fear of heights make it difficult for you to enjoy time with friends and family?  Alternatively, do you or your loved one have an intense fear of storms? Does the thought of flying on an airplane for business, pleasure, or necessities create intense anxiety or even take the form of a panic attack? Do you intently focus on weather reports and avoid situations due to the potential of a “bad storm?” Or has your avoidance of air travel caused you or your loved ones significant distress or impairment? Fears of flying, public speaking, heights, and storms are very common in the general population but effective treatment is available.

Dr. Chapman now has innovative technology that is supported by the research literature as an adjunct to CBT for the treatment of fears and phobias. Dr. Chapman currently provides this technology as part of CBT for a number of fears and phobias including the fears of flying, public speaking, heights, or storms. This innovative technology is called virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET). VRET provides you with a headset and game controller while placing you in a virtual environment that includes either air travel, public speaking (with a customized speech that you choose in addition to an audience), different situations involving heights (rooftops, elevators, and others) or storms of various severities. Dr. Chapman will teach you how to navigate these environments with the gaming controller while immersing yourself into these virtual environments under various conditions (controlled by Dr. Chapman from a laptop) while using CBT tools to confront anxiety and fear in preparation for real life exposure to any of these situations. For more information about the effectiveness of VRET, visit or contact Dr. Chapman about this innovative treatment.